Terms of Use

“User” is deemed to have agreed to and used the “Terms and Conditions” by accessing and running the website. If the “User” does not agree to the “Terms and Conditions”, the “Service” cannot be used.

Article 1 [Purpose)
The purpose of these “Terms and Conditions” is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the user and the “Company” when using the “Software” provided by the “Company”.

Article 2 (Definition and service functions)
① The definitions of terms used in these “Terms and Conditions” are as follows.

“User” refers to an individual or entity who uses and uses the “Service” after agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions.”

“Services” may include not only online services using wired/wireless networks, but also computer software, materials, media, files, data, printed materials and electronic documents attached to the services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Software”). It also includes beta test releases of the product, any combination of paid and free versions, etc.

Article 3 (Effectiveness and change of terms and conditions)

① These “Terms and Conditions” are announced when the “Service” is accessed and executed, and become effective when the “User” agrees.

② The “Company” may revise the contents of these “Terms and Conditions” to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws and regulations, and the revised Terms and Conditions become effective when the “User” agrees in accordance with Paragraph 1.

③ When the “Company” revises the “Terms and Conditions,” the date of application and reason for revision shall be specified and announced through the website, etc. 15 days prior to the date of application of the revised Terms and Conditions.

④ If the “User” does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, use of the “Service” may be discontinued. The “Company” is not responsible for any damage caused by the “User” not being aware of the changed terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Limitation of Warranty and Liability)
① The “Company” does not guarantee the accuracy of the content provided through the “Service” and linked services.
② The “Company” does not guarantee that the “Service” and its additional services and their accompanying functions will meet all of the “User’s” requirements or that temporary interference or errors will not occur in the use of the computer or Internet browser when used. do.
③ The “Company” does not provide any warranty for defects caused by the “User’s” negligence or conflicts with other programs.
④ The “Company” is not responsible for any consequences resulting from use that does not comply with the “Terms and Conditions”, service-specific instructions, or other usage standards set by the “Company.”
⑤ The “Company” has no obligation to intervene in disputes that arise between “Users” or between “Users” and third parties through the service, and is not responsible for compensating for any resulting damages.
⑥ The “Company” has no obligation to intervene in copyright or portrait rights disputes arising from content acquired by the “User” using the “Service”, and the “User” is responsible for compensating any resulting damages.
⑦ Downloaded files must be used only for personal purposes and must not be redistributed. All responsibility rests with the individual who downloads.

「ユーザー」は、本ウェブサイトにアクセスし、運営することにより、「利用規約」に同意し、利用したものとみなされます。 「利用者」が「利用規約」に同意しない場合には、「本サービス」を利用することはできません。


① この「約款」において使用する用語の定義は次のとおりです。


「サービス」には、有線/無線ネットワークを利用したオンラインサービスだけでなく、コンピュータソフトウェア、サービスに付属する資料、媒体、ファイル、データ、印刷物、電子文書(以下、総称して「ソフトウェア」といいます)が含まれる場合があります。 製品のベータ テスト リリース、有料版と無料版の組み合わせなども含まれます。





④「利用者」が変更後の規約に同意しない場合には、「サービス」の利用を中止することができます。 「当社」は、「利用者」が変更後の規約を知らなかったために生じた損害については、一切の責任を負いません。

②「会社」は、「本サービス」及びその付加サービス及び付随する機能が「利用者」の要求をすべて満たすこと、又はコンピュータやインターネットブラウザの利用に際し、一時的な妨害やエラーが発生しないことを保証しません。 。 する。
⑦ ダウンロードしたファイルは個人的な目的のみに使用し、再配布することはできません。 すべての責任はダウンロードした個人にあります。